Classes to fit your needs

We offer custom on-site and off-site entry level and advanced NDT courses

Whether you need the required Level 1 and 2 training hours, training on advanced inspection techniques, or training on a new technology you’ve recently purchased, we’ve got you covered!

Increase training practicality and effectiveness

Increase inspection productivity and reliability

Decrease Waste

We staff expert trainers with years of experience as mentors and NDT Level 3s. We use that experience in all of our classes to talk about real-world situations where the theory can be applied. We don’t just cover the required information; we bring it to life. Our high-energy, realistic approach to training increases knowledge retention, and better prepares the inspector. Get ready because our classes aren’t your standard snooze-through trainings!


Committed to Delivering Positive Results

Premier NDT Resources is a proud Olympus Scientific Solutions, now Evident, training member! Having served this industry for many years, we understand the importance of exceeding expectations. We pride ourselves in providing energetic training that’s useful and practical. Our trainers don’t just bring the course curriculum to life; they motivate and energize teams to cultivate a positive inspection culture within the company. We strive to get the most out of your people with our motivational and experienced trainers.

See the calendar below for our 2023 course Schedule

The courses below are offered at various locations in the Huntsville, AL area. Our advanced technology and custom training courses are performed on request. Any of our courses can be tailored to cover your procedures, inspection techniques, and products. They can also be taught at one of our training locations or yours. If you don’t see the course you’re looking for or you’re interested in a custom tailored course, please contact us.

Note: All courses require a student minimum. If the student minimum cannot be met, you may be asked to enroll in a different course date.

Our Process for on-site courses