NDT Program Development and Administration

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Premier NDT Resources offers custom classes that meet industry standards.

Want to quit outsourcing your inspections? Need to expand or refresh and revitalize an existing NDT program? Let us help!

Premier NDT Resources specializes in developing turnkey NDT programs from scratch and expanding, refreshing, and revising existing programs. We are experienced in a wide variety of industries such as aviation, rail, maritime, welding, fabrication, raw material production, forging, casting, and more!

Increase program practicality, effectiveness, and thoroughness

Increase inspection productivity and reliability

Decrease Waste

We staff expert Level 3s with extensive knowledge and real-world experience in every aspect of NDT and quality systems. We work with your management to create and seamlessly incorporate effective NDT documents into the Quality Management System (QMS). We also work with your inspection personnel to ensure the usability, clarity, and efficiency of the NDT system. Our experience allows us to provide an accurate, complete, and well-put-together solution with little turnaround time.

Parts of an NDT program:


No matter what industry you’re in, a thorough contract review process is necessary and oftentimes critical. The contract is where every job begins. All of the flow down requirements such as inspection, part marking, reporting, certificate of conformity requirements may be specified in the contract. If a thorough contract review process isn’t completed before the job begins, there’s a good chance the product won’t be delivered as required by the customer. Our team of experts can help you navigate through even the most technical and confusing contracts.


Working to the latest or contractually required revisions of documents is critical and often an area we see companies lacking in. The correct revisions of codes, specifications, standards, procedures, forms, etc. need to be identified and made accessible to inspectors.


Written Practice is a term used specifically for a document that outlines how a company plans to qualify and certify their NDT personnel. Companies that employ and certify NDT personnel must establish a written practice. The document is specific to the company’s situation and is written to comply with one or multiple industry specific standards, recommended practices, etc. Examples of theres are NAS 410 and SNT-TC-1A. We are highly experienced in developing written practices for companies. In most situations, it will be easier, faster, and cheaper to let us develop the document for you!


The majority of NDT inspections completed are required to be performed in accordance with a procedure, developed by the company, that is written to meet the requirements of one or more contractually specified code, standard, specification, etc. These procedures must be specific to the company’s situation and provide thorough instructions for the inspector. Developing effective procedures that are easily understood and give complete guidance can be very difficult to do. We not only create procedures that meet the specified requirements, we work with the inspectors to ensure the procedure is actually doing its job.


A thorough NDT program should have various supporting forms to document the administration of the program. Some of these forms include visual acuity, qualification review, certification, stamp control, contract review, proficiency reviews, etc. Our team of experts aren’t only good with their technical knowledge, but they’re good at creating clean, easy to fill out, technically adequate forms that blend right into your QMS.


There are many other supporting procedures that may be needed depending on your situation. Procedures for equipment calibration control, stamp control, vendor flow down, etc. are oftentimes necessary. These supporting procedures will add a level of stability and reliability to your NDT program. Our team of experts will work with you to identify what’s required and how to practically incorporate them into your QMS.


You can be the best company at doing NDT, but if you can’t document it cleanly and adequately, your customers will doubt your abilities! The inspection reports not only need to fit into the company’s document format but they need to contain all of the information required by the contract, code, standard, specification, etc. you’re working to. We take great pride in making clean, easy to fill out reports for inspectors. Ultimately, they are the only thing that represents the awesome inspection that was performed. They should be just as awesome as your inspections!

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We are committed to making ourselves available to our customers and providing a level of support that exceeds expectations! When you work with us, we consider ourselves an extension of your organization. We build positive working relationships with our customers and make ourselves available through a multitude of means. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality product on schedule and within the budget. Premier NDT Resources provides the relationships, support, technical expertise, and personal touch your company needs.

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