Level 3 Services at your fingertips

Too busy to perform your Level 3 duties? Need a Level 3 but don't want to hire one full time? Did you lose your Level 3 and now need a temporary fill in? Do you have advanced Level 2 people you want to grow into a Level 3 but have no one to train them?

Premier NDT Resources can help! Our team of knowledgeable Level 3s can be used anywhere from administering a part of the NDT program to being in charge of the whole thing. We can work closely with personnel to train and provide mentorship for them to reach a higher level. Whatever your Level 3 needs, we’ve got you covered.

Decrease personnel costs

Increase capabilities

Increase program stability and reliability

Utilizing consultants is an excellent option for many organizations. Consultants are already industry experts, so you’ll immediately get a high level of performance. They’re also great because you only have to pay them when they are working for you! Outsourcing your Level 3 responsibilities can reduce overhead costs and give you access to a team of experienced industry experts. Whether you’re a Level 3 who doesn’t have time to administer parts of your program or your program doesn’t have a Level 3, we can help!

Level 3 salary

You pay your level 3 a salary of $108,000/year.

Included benefits package – $23,000

Total Compensation = $131,000/year

Not including recruitment, management time, retention efforts, and other intrinsic costs.

This is a typical scenario and should be considered as an example only

$19,350 $10,950
on Nadcap years on non-Nadcap years

Your NDT Program has 6 inspectors and requires an annual NDT audit and Nadcap audit every 24-months.

$5,000 annual Level 3 representation fee

2 trips to administer annual proficiency reviews. $3,150

Annual NDT audit – $2,800

Nadcap pre-audit – $4,200

Nadcap audit support – $4,200

*Does not include travel expenses.

These prices are for example and may vary by customer

Some of the Level 3 Services We Provide:

Committed to Delivering a High Quality Product that is Done Right the First Time

Premier NDT Resources is committed to delivering the highest quality product on schedule and within the budget. We have the experience and foresight to get the work done right the first time.